I was described by a teacher of mine as  'a basic individual, with little, if any God given talent'. And looking back, he was spot on. One thing I have come to realise over time is that I am absolutely not the sharpest tool in the shed (as anyone in my set 6 math class will tell you). I do however pride myself on being ferociously passionate, unreasonably optimistic and deeply curious.

I'm fascinated by the human condition. And love telling stories. I have long dreamt of forging my own path, building brands and having an impact. This website is, in a small way the bi-product of that vision. I create, manage and deliver content for a number of media outlets and global brands. I try to connect people and things via images and text. 

What I Love: Life. What a gift. I also enjoy ukuleles, cold showers, heavy barbells, the sun, cameras (specifically Leica), Nordic design, voluntary suffering, cycling in the early morning, mushroom coffee, surfing, CrossFit (yup, I sometimes high five others after a workout with my shirt off), things made by hand, minimalism, discipline, stoic philosophy, inspirational leaders, rugby, meditation, acoustic music, motivational YouTube videos, salmon wellington and meaningful conversation over dinner.

What I Hate: Those who blame others and aren't grateful for what they have.

My Values: I prioritise health (both mental and physical). I have an obsession with curation and simplicity.  I always look to find joy in the mundane. No moaning. No Complaining. No finger pointing. Always striving for extreme ownership. 

My Greatest Fear: Not moving forward. 

Favourite Quote: “Expect nothing, Balme nobody, do something”.

My View Of Success: Doing what you say you're going to do. 

Oh, and if you're very, very bored shoot me an email :



Win the day. 


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