Online Engagement

You may be running your own personal brand or a multinational. When it comes to content online, I am now of the belief you should be looking for marriage, not engagement.


I’m sitting at Barcelona International Airport overcome with gratitude. They say our parents ambition is for us as children to be better off than they were. I don’t think I ever felt that fully until now. I have been able to see the world in a way my folks never could, and I’m deeply gratiful.


It’s never been easier to see the world. We sit at our desks and day dream about our next trip. I have the profound good fortune to be penning this from Barcelona. My first time to the city, and I have been blown away by the kindness of the people, the traditional architecture and the jaw droopingly good food. My overwhelming though is: travel more, look up more, capture it and document it where possible.

The Storm

You have bene there. And you will find yourself there again.

The world seems to be caving in. And it’s all too much.

Truth is - when you step back - much like a lightning storm - it will pass.


I was told this morning that our happiness is directly relative to those around us.

I think it’s true - but don’t let it be.

Don't Spoil The Relationship

When you start out, they say “do it for less, build the relationship and you will be rewarded down the line“. I have seen this to be true in business. However, in actual fact, there is no guarantee we will be here tomorrow, next week or the week after, so is it actually wise? Should we always play the long game?

More Of What You Are

It struck me this morning chatting to a friend that almost everything in life should be more of what it is. He has been going on dates and dressing up. This isn’t a true reflection of who he is. If he wants to find a suitable partner, he is best to dress as he feels comfortable. Not as he feels he should. This should then deter hose who are are only into him for who he actually is.

This is also true for companies. They are at their best when they are more of who/what they are. Standing out for their differences rather than trying to be everything to everyone.

“different is better than better”


I was walking a wonderful canine called Benji this morning. I noted that he went from frustrated and alittle low when I picked him up from the flat. To wildly extatic when I took that lead off in the park. Were we not all meant to be outside, in nature, running free? And people wonder what they are unhappy indoors. There must be a correlation.

Those Times

I was on a plane this morning from London to Berlin. And I started thinking about the previous trip I made to the city. I had a great time - met some great people and ate some great food. But most of the memories had gone.

It was a sad realisation that a lot of those times we enjoy only disappear. All we can do is hold them tight in the moment.

Mediation And Distraction

I recently started using the Sam Harris “Waking Up” ‘meditation app. I know what you’re thinking “here we go, another evangelical meditator”. Truth is, I like it - and it may not be for you.

A thought arose after this mornings session. The idea that in mediation you aren’t actually doing anything. That you in fact ceasing to do the thing that keeps you distracted - lost in thought, unaware of what’s appearing in each moment. 

Just Do It

I’m not the best writer. That’s why this page exists. I need to do it regularly to get better. We all need to do things regularly to get better. Just do it.

It Takes Time

I recently moderated a panel In front of an audience. People said they enjoyed it - but one or two gave constructive feedback. I didn’t feel as though I could have given anything more on the evening. But it struck me that it takes time. I need to do it again and again and again to get better. I then stopped beating myself up as much. Just an interesting insight.