Watches: How One Man Disrupted THE Watch Servicing Industry

Words + Photography: Justin Hast (Leica M)


I left the meeting I had last week with Oliver Pollock absolutely buzzing. Il tell you why. Here is a guy, having started out in the watch industry as a dealer, and then, still in his twenties has the passion and conviction to move into the servicing business (as a non watchmaker). And two years down the line has two workshops in Hatton Garden (soon to be one mega facility). He has built such trust (in a notoriously distrustful industry) that his business, luxury Watch Repairs now services circa 40 watches a day, from the worlds largest and most reputable manufacturers such as Rolex and Omega. And he happens to be a real gentleman. 


As a customer, you even have the opportunity to view a timeless video of watch your watch being serviced, taken by a camera set into the light on the watchmakers desk (seriously damn cool).  Every watch that comes in is either worked on by someone who has worked at the manufacturer or is certified by the manufacturer. 


So what exactly gets done to the watch? Well, the movement will de-magnetised, regulated, polished and should crowns or pushers need to e, they will be replaced. What I found to be particularly handy, is that Oliver's team will polish and replace scratched damaged glass without insisting on a full service (typically not what the manufactures themselves do). 

Every customer receives a pre-paid watch pack  (insured to £25,000, fully tracked,
labelled). All you need to do  is put the watch into the pack, seal it and take to the post office - easy. 


Oliver has plans to expand the business to the North of England and the US in the coming months. 

For further information and to have your watch serviced, click here. 

Oliver Pollock

Oliver Pollock