Human Performance: Taking Ownership With Jocko Willink

If you watch just one TED talk this year - it should be this one. 

My god..Jocko leaves everything on that damn stage - and I applause him for it! As an ex Navy Seal Commander and now author and leadership consultant, he lives and breaths his message of ownership in life and business. I found this talk fascinating to watch, because in years gone by, war hero's would have only been able to share their learning on leadership, teamwork and pride with a very small circle. Their sphere of influence was small and practice sharing was generally kept within the military world. But now we see military methodologies being brought into the public domain via guys like Jocko and Four-star general Stanley McChrystal. It's great to see and I wonder what sort of influence it will have on generations coming through.

Having just watched this - I would, if I had the power, play this video to all kids in school under 18 as well as to all the businesses into the city - as a reminder that their current fears aren't as bad as they think and that next time they need to step up in any shape or form, great leaders galvanise their team by taking ownership. Enjoy!